100% Authentic.

Faster Than a Non-Stop to Tel-Aviv

The mission: To introduce pure, healthy hummus & Israeli cuisine to America. No flavors to mask cheap ingredients. No pretzels to dip with. Hummus as it’s meant to be – smooth, creamy and eaten with warm fluffy, pita bread. Experience hummus like you never have before; unless of course you’ve been to Israel, in which case you’ll know this is as real as it gets!

With authentic ingredients and tastes, we set the bar for healthier and fresher.

Authenticity Isn’t Easy but It’s Worth It.

It wasn’t easy to find the finest tahini in the world, but we did. It wasn’t easy to find the sweetest garbanzos in the world, but we did. It wasn’t easy to replicate the unique spice blend that makes our shawarma and chicken transport you to the markets of the Middle East, but we did. Then we brought it all to the U.S. to prepare fresh daily. We did it all for you to enjoy because you’re worth it.

Built on Values – Authenticity, Sustainability & Hospitality

Being real, caring for the planet and making you feel special is what we believe in.